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Exzootica: Online shop specialized in exotic animals and accessories.

Exzootica opens it's doors to welcome you to the world of herpetology! Buy terrariums, reptiles and accessories for special breeding center for exotic animals on line where you can find for sale the widest range of reptiles (snakes and lizards), arthropods, amphibians and turtles. The most striking species and those that have made exotic animals a new option for those seeking for different pet's can be found in our new website retail.

Majority of the animals find for sale were born in captivity in Exzootica facilities, are fully documented and absolutely healthy, complying with EU law as well as those from the Spanish territory. Quality is engineered for all types of clients, from quiet and docile animals for beginners or families with kids up animals for those with more experience.

Wide range of accessories for it's exotic animals 

All accessories available in Exzootica (rain systems, terrariums wooden incubators, heating and lighting devices, special caves to reptiles, temperature and humidity gauges, etc.) have been selected, tested and verified so that your pet does not lack never a perfect maintenance in captivity because they have the quality of leading brands such as Exo Terra, Habistat, Lucky Reptile, Trixie and Vivexotic, worldwide leaders in the care of exotic animals due to them continuous innovation and usefulness of its products.
Marking beyond their objectives within the market for exotic animals, Exzootica not only dedicated to the breeding and making assumptions tailored to the needs for our customers purchase pet, but also prepares, publishes and shares the care records animals for sale both in your own blog and social networks. All care records provide the knowledge needed to maintain within the best possible conditions for these sensitive species and unknown, and therefore whenever a customer makes the purchase of an exotic animal will be provided the appropriate care card. We believe that only in this way pets can enjoy a long life and be what give our customers the opportunity to spend the best possible time with them.

Advice for professionals in reptiles (lizards, snakes and turtles), arthropods and amphibians. 

Our advice is geared not only for the procurement process, but then our professional team is always available to answer all your questions through innovative ways of contact at your disposal: email, mobile customer, social networks, live chat (such as Facebook and Twitter) and through direct discussion with our operators. All doubts, since the most frequent (adequate food for exotic animals, assembly and preparation of the terrarium) to more specialized, such as breeding in captivity, mating and reproduction times will be answered to your satisfaction.

Exzootica quality leads to unknown parameters in the world of reptiles, using for transporting exotic animals companies especially dedicated to it, which is responsible for transferring your new pet to your home in less than 18 hours, maintaining the conditions perfect health that provides our brand by acclimation transportation.

Into the breeding center, we are aware of the lack of information and ignorance about the world of reptiles and therefore also theExzootica team makes, models and markets level speaking, we also own a monthly online (digital) magazine specialized in snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and arthropods.

Exotic animals especialized magacine: 

Exzootica magazine has a broad agenda dedicated from amateurs to beginners and those more experienced. Were it covers both maintenance and captive breeding of exotic animals, it also has a space dedicated to the news concerning the world of herpetology, providing information about legal actions covering permitted species, publishes and numerous scientific data is of interest to all readers. You can also find it for a good value and available  both in and at the most popular online bookstores Internet: Amazon and iBook.

¿Promotions and sweepstakes? Of course, with some regularity Exzootica does all kinds of offers and rewards for their customers and followers within social media, giving them terrariums and accessories, applying discounts for some of the products until the end of stock and assuming the cost of transport to their home . We hope that all those supporters of herpetology also have promotions tailored for their interest.

All these scores and strong points are making Exzootica best custumer service brand within the sector. Make tens of thousands of users re-visiting us monthly, consulting our customer lines and of course, trust in our work so that we are who have the pleasure and responsibility of raising their future pets. This is what is making Exzootica bigger every day.